The Evolving Role of Storage Administration

The Evolving Role of Storage Administration

The role of the storage administrator has changed over the years and is in many ways influenced by the three "V"s typically used to describe AI. Admins have to deal with increased data Volumes, with the Velocity of delivering resources and with a wide Variety of application profiles.

Exponential data growth has always been an issue in IT. As the cost of storage drops, the volume of data increases, making the work of the storage admin further disconnected from hardware management. Server virtualization abstracted much of the provision work of storage administration but hasn’t changed fundamentals like workload placement.

Going forward, we need to see technology taking control of the more mundane and repetitive tasks of managing storage infrastructure. AIOps is building that process into storage platforms. At that point, the admin becomes the strategist and architect of business requirements.

Listen in as Chris Evens from the Storage Unpacked Podcast talks to Clay Ryder (Senior Director of Enterprise Marketing) and Frank Shepherd (Principal Systems Engineer) from Tintri to gain their insights on how technology and process is changing storage administration to meet the Three Vs challenge.

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