The Role of Machine Learning and Automation in Storage


The Role of Machine Learning and Automation in Storage

There has been lots of hype around the increasing role that machine learning, and artificial intelligence more broadly, will play in how we automate the management of IT systems. Whether it's labelled as Intelligent Infrastructure , AIOps, “self-driving IT”, or even private cloud, the aim is the same: to enable systems to automatically make changes in real-time to predict and adjust for future requirements – without human intervention.

Major concerns remain, however.

  • Are the latest AI/ML-powered intelligent automation solutions trustworthy?
  • Are they ready for mainstream deployment?
  • Can it handle areas under heavy resource, cost and SLA pressures?
  • Are we ready to trust in full hands-off automation when it comes to core business services?

In this article Tintri and Freeform Dynamics provides research that reveals:

  • The impact of applied AI across business units
  • User experience with AI in storage
  • Hurdles and opportunities for expanded adoptions of Intelligent Infrastructure
  • The key to finding value in current solutions

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