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SQL Integrated Storage - New Granularity and More for SQL

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Please deliver much more of your services to internal customers much faster, while keeping your human and infrastructure investments flat (or down). Sound familiar? This trend is likely to continue, and automation using scripting can only get IT experts so far. What infrastructure experts need, and DBAs want, is intelligent infrastructure that uses machine learning to continuously optimize and automate, while providing self-service for DBAs to control their storage.

In this on-demand webcast, you’ll learn how Intelligent Infrastructure can be used to radically improve productivity in IT while making management and troubleshooting SQL Server databases simple at scale. The result, mundane tasks are eliminated, and new levels of availability, granularity and resiliency create a different experience. Why? Experts then get to focus on higher value activities, and they succeed in doing more despite flat resource investment.

Hosted by Clay Ryder at Tintri, this discussion features guest expert Shawn Meyers, Field CTO at Tintri, along with Tintri evangelist Mario Blandini.

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