Ham It Up

Ham IT Up on December 6th at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET/6 PM GMT

Join us for holiday ham heaven! Tintri is closing out the year with one last Fool-ish cooking event: Ham It Up. Only we can combine pigs, cows, wine, and tech and make merriment look this good! Our Original Grillin’ Fool, Scott Thomas, will prepare recipes that are easy yet delectable, establishing them as big contenders for the centerpiece of your upcoming holiday feasts. Expect to drool tinsel while he shows us:

  • His low-stress holiday ham recipes
  • How to take an entire beef tenderloin and trim it out into the component parts to save money on this high end cut
  • The secret to making the perfect roast “beast”

As always, it wouldn’t be Fool-ishly festive without our sommelier, Denise. Wines will be red-centric, but she will also highlight some white and dessert wines.

Ultimately, we cannot let you escape 2023 without experiencing host Tintri Principal SE, Steve Phillips, in all his Grinch-y glory! Steve is going to regale guests with his surplus IT jokes and stories. Mark this day; we warned you!

Looking forward to Haming IT Up with all of you very soon!


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