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Everyone could use a few laughs these days, right?

Join us for a much-needed break at Tintri Laugh & Learn, an upbeat virtual discussion about AI and Intelligent Infrastructure. This not-so-serious panel, led by comedian Marty Simpson, will provide seriously useful information about how an AI-driven storage approach can perform 95% of administrative tasks autonomously.

The Tintri Laugh & Learn event will help you find a solution to the common administrative resource constraints that many organizations experience. Join in on the fun and learn how AI and Intelligent Infrastructure can make your job easier and set you free, allowing you to do more valuable things for your organization and for yourself.


Attend the Tintri Laugh and Learn for a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2! All registrants who attend the event will have a chance to win! (Terms and Conditions)



  • Marty Simpson — Comedian,
  • Jim Hasbrouck — Account Executive, Tintri
  • Erwin Daria — Field CTO, Tintri
  • Scott Brooks — Account Executive, DDN
  • Lou Melograna — CTO, StarNet Solutions